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The Sörbo Leifcart Bucket Stand is perfect for storefronts  – a Professional Window Cleaner’s workhorse. It was designed for commercial window cleaning. You no longer have to lift your bucket from window to window. The Leifcart rolls over rugged terrain easily with oversized wheels. Its patented self-leveling mount keeps the bucket perfectly balanced to prevent water spills. It instantly compensates for sudden starts and stops. Get exterior commercial windows done faster and save your back from heavy lifting at the same time. The bucket is easily removed and the complete unit fits nicely in the trunk of your car. Accompanied with a yellow 18″ bucket. Sörbo introduced the Leifcart in 1997.

Leifcart Replacement parts
Item #2087A  Leifcart Frame & Wheels with Bucket
Item #2086  18″ Utility Bucket with Clips for Squeegee & Washer, Yellow
Item #2085  Leifcart Bucket Clips to Hold Squeegee & Washer (Set of 2)
Item #2087-004  Leifcart Wheel
Item #2087-009  Leifcart Push Nuts for the Wheel


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