Professional Window Cleaning LEIFCART™ KIT

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Sörbo personally hand-picked the tools in this kit while paying particular attention to versatility. It contains all the basic items needed to get you started on your way to efficiency, higher earnings and a healthier back. Kit includes: #S1257- 5″/13cm Channel w/40° angle, #1273- 12″/30cm Channel w/end plugs, #1285 – 18″/45cm Channel w/end plugs, #1297 – 24″/60cm Channel w/end plugs, #1309 – 36″/90cm Channel w/end plugs, #1375 – Aluminum Fixed Handle, #1385 – Fast Release Handle (pair), #1386 – 8 ft Extension Pole, #1774 – 18″ Swivel T-Bar & Washer, #1990- Tool Belt, #1991- Squeegee Holster, #1992- Pouch for Steel Wool, #2087 LEIFCART w/wheels, #2099 – cleaning Rags (5pk), #2103 – Quick Absorbing Sponge, #2104 – Window Cleaning Powder, #2105 – Sörbo Glide 1 pint, #5000 – 5oz. Hard Water Stain Remover, and Sörbo’s Instructional DVD. Double your profit safely! Review instructional video.


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