Available in sizes:
Item #1956 6″ / 15 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1960 10″ / 25 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1961 14″ / 35 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1962 18″ / 45 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1963 22″ / 55 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1964 24″ / 60 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1966 30″ / 75 cm Swivel T-Bar
Item #1967 36″ / 90 cm Swivel T-Bar

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The Swivel handle T-Bar is lightweight. It is made of strong .050 thick wall extruded aluminum tubing for durability. Sörbo offers you the largest assortment of sizes on the market. Now available from6″(15cm) for your smallest windows up to 36″(90cm) for storefronts which is very popular for team work. The swivel handle T-Bar is excellent for both extension pole work and hand work. A companion to any Sörbo Washer Sleeve. May also be purchased complete with washer – see items 1773 & 1970.Replacement Item.2101, Handle grip replacement for Item.1385 Handle and swivel T-bar series.

Replacement parts:
Item #2101 Handle Grip replacement for Swivel T-Bar
Item #2205-100 Tube Support (Color: black only)


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