Sörbo COBRA FLIPPER – Squeegee & Washer ALL-IN-ONE


FLIPPER Washer Complete
14” #3890, 18” #3893, 22” #3894, 24” #3895
FLIPPER Washer Pad Replacement
14” #3890A, 18” #3893A, 22” #3894A, 24” #3895A
The Ledger CTL Swivel fit for Sörbo  Item #8009


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New in 2022, Sörbo has invented the COBRA FLIPPER™, an extraordinary Clip-On tool that simply connects a washer pad directly to the front of our Cobra squeegee channel. This applicator is made of Sörbo’s well known Yellow Jacket Washer material, which absorbs a considerable amount of water. This 3-inch washer strip is attached by custom designed clips made of hardened spring steel and zinc plated with a bar made of rigid aircraft aluminum. The patent is pending. A totally new concept which makes it the quickest Squeegee & Washer system – available ALL-IN-ONE! Use on any job with your Sörbo Cobra Squeegee, item #1277-1297. And for high pole work, you can couple it with The Ledger™, item #8009. For the deep ledges work on your 14′ pole to 40′ Monster Pole II -MicroFit, item# 3389. Sörbo Cobra FLIPPER is available at our Authorized Sörbo Distributors.


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