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If you’re dealing with pre-existing hard water stains, the Sörbo Hard Water Stain Remover is the safest water stain remover on the market. It was developed to remove built-up water stains on glass surfaces, including car windshields. It also removes fresh silicone glue and is safe enough to clean anodized frames. Container: 5 oz. of powder. Sörbo introduced the Hard Water Stain Remover in 1987. Review instructional video. Review SDS document.

Instructions for use: First, clean all the dust off the window. Then, apply the hard water stain remover onto a wet sponge or a white scrubbing pad and apply it to the wet window by moving in a circular motion until the water stain is removed. Then, wash the window again. The hard water stain remover may also be sprinkled directly onto the Sörbo washer sleeve for larger surfaces. Removes silicone glue smears on windows by sprinkling it dry onto a Sörbo towel or on a dry fine OOO-Steel Wool and wiping directly over the silicone glue until the powder absorbs all the silicone. Be sure to cover the floor below. Note: no water is needed, just dry powder only.


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