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A drop of Sörbo Glide makes the squeegee slide before the window dries! Sörbo Glide lubricant liquid provides a complete sheet of water on the window which prevents the water from drying up in spots. It reduces friction and slows down evaporation which is ideal in warm, dry climates. It also keeps the washer sleeve cleaner by helping to rinse the dirt out because it prevents dirt from sticking to the washer sleeve material. May be mixed with Item #2104 window cleaning powder to fine-tune and balance cleaning power, friction and evaporation rate. The first friction reducer on the market. Instructions for use: Add 1 cap full to 2 gallons of water (be sure not to add too much). Container: 1 pint of liquid. Best results when used with Sörbo Window Cleaning Soap, item 2104. Sörbo developed the Sörbo Glide in 1987. Review instructional video. Review SDS document.


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