Available in sizes:
Item #3277  14″ / 35 cm Channel 40°
Item #3285  18″ / 45 cm Channel 40°
Item #3293  22″ / 55 cm Channel 40°
Item #3297  24″ / 60 cm Channel 40°


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When Sörbo invented the COBRA FLIPPER™ Clip-On tool, an extraordinary apparatus that connects a washer pad directly to the front of our Wide-Body channel… our Number “10” to our arsenal – The Q-Cobra. This squeegee crossbreed is the classic Quicksilver 40-degree cut ends with the body design of the Cobra channel, but with no end plug. Clip on the washer strip to the face of the Q-Cobra squeegee and you will have a totally new concept which makes it the quickest Squeegee & Washer system available ALL-IN-ONE! Use on any job.
The adjustment slots or settings in the Sörbo 3×4 Adjustable squeegee channel allow you to reposition the rubber/blade to the preferred firmness. For 5” to 30” Squeegees: set rubber to 1st adjustment slot = FIRMER Rubber, or 2nd adjustment slot = SOFTER Rubber. For 36” Squeegees: 2nd adjustment slot = FIRMER Rubber, or 3rd adjustment slot = SOFTER Rubber. Replacement rubber is inserted and held in by two end clips to wedge rubber in place. Accompanied with the Sörbo Fast Release handle, Item 1385(A), you have a 40° angle. In order to prevent streaks on the window, lead with the top of the squeegee and do not apply heavy pressure. Note: All of these squeegees have their size (in/cm) imprinted on them after the Sörbo logo.

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14" Q-Cobra 40°, 18" Q-Cobra 40°, 22" Q-Cobra 40°, 24" Q-Cobra 40°