COBRA SÖRBO 3X4®ADJUSTABLE Wide Body SQUEEGEES -40 Degree with End Plugs

Available in sizes:
Item #1265 8″ / 20 cm Channel 40°
Item #1269 10″ / 25 cm Channel 40°
Item #1273 12″ / 30 cm Channel 40°
Item #1277 14″ / 35 cm Channel 40°
Item #1281 16″ / 40 cm Channel 40°
Item #1285 18″ / 45 cm Channel 40°
Item #1289 20″ / 50 cm Channel 40°
Item #1293 22″ / 55 cm Channel 40°
Item #1297 24″ / 60 cm Channel 40°
Item #1301 26″ / 65 cm Channel 40°
Item #1305 30″ / 75 cm Channel 40°
Item #1309 36″ / 90 cm Channel 40°


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The world’s- first ever- safest, lightest, longest, end plugged squeegee in the world. The Sörbo Cobra 3X4 Adjustable wide-body squeegee with 40-degree safety end plugs is the highest standard squeegee. Like all Sörbo squeegees, it is adjustable with 4 settings which make it possible to reduce firmness while cleaning windows as high as a 40ft (12.192 meters) tall building. The adjustment slots or settings in the Sörbo 3X4 Adjustable squeegee channel allow you to reposition the rubber/blade to the preferred firmness. For 5” to 30” Squeegees: set rubber to 1st adjustment slot = FIRMER Rubber, or 2nd adjustment slot = SOFTER Rubber. For 36” Squeegees: 2nd adjustment slot = FIRMER Rubber, or 3rd adjustment slot = SOFTER Rubber. This squeegee is the only patented squeegee today with 3 separate patents and it is the most revolutionary squeegee made. An 18″(45cm) weighs only4.8oz (.136kg). The squeegee rubber is secured in the squeegee channel with one interior and one exterior end clip. The interior clip is incorporated in the same end as the Sörbo 3X4 Logo. Replacement rubber is inserted from the opposite side. Sörbo squeegee channels are made of extruded high quality aluminum alloy. As a result, they are extraordinarily rigid and strong, but lightweight, allowing us to manufacture them in lengths previously impossible. Being rigid, they apply pressure evenly from end to end, assuring streak free windows. Longer lengths enable you to cover a larger area in less time –making it possible for you to accomplish up to 3 times the work within the same amount of time. Whenever and wherever there’s a concern about chipping or scratching, the Cobra is your best bet. The plastic ends prevent damage to brittle or delicate surfaces. You can even go clip-less with the Cobra. It has a built-in friction bump in one of the end plugs to retain the rubber blade. Accompanied with the Sörbo Fast Release handle, Item 1385, you have a 40° angle. When the 3X4 Adjustable squeegee is flipped and secured into a backward position, it has a 5° angle. In order to prevent streaks on the window, lead with the top of the squeegee. Sörbo invented the Cobra Sörbo 3X4 Adjustable plugged squeegee in 1995.
Note: All of these squeegees have their size (in/cm) imprinted on them after the Sörbo logo.


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