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Item #1890 14″ / 35 cm Yellow Scrubber
Item #1893 18″ / 45 cm Yellow Scrubber
Item #1894 22″ / 55 cm Yellow Scrubber
Item #1895 24″ / 60 cm Yellow Scrubber
Item #1896 30″ / 75 cm Yellow Scrubber
Item #1897 36″ / 90 cm Yellow Scrubber

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This scrubber washer removes stubborn dirt and bug marks with less effort. The new design provides a greater scrubbing with brass snaps closures per square inch. With two strips of very flexible abrasive material, this scrubber washer reduces labor and gives you the ergonomic advantage you are accustomed to from Sörbo squeegees. We recommend that you wash all new washer sleeves in a washing machine before use to remove most of the loose fibers. This limits the possibility of streaks. However, do not use dryer fabric softener as it makes the washer sleeve less absorbent. This new Yellow Jacket design with scrubber was introduced in 1997.


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