Item #2199 6″(15cm) Adjustable Angle Scraper pivots up and down
Item #2195 6″(15cm) Adjustable Angle Scraper pivots left and right

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Sörbo designed the scraper to adapt to uneven glass surfaces, and because of the flexible razor blade, it removes paint and dirt with every stroke. For the Scraper #2195, the blade (head) can pivot Left and Right in different angles from 0° to 72°to achieve easy access to window corners and hard to reach areas. It is also possible to offset the blade to more of an L-shape which allows you to get into tight places or behind obstructions. Comes complete with our brass-lined nylon holster that is made to fit all 6″(15cm) scrapers. Review instructional video and instruction flyer. Sörbo introduced the scraper to pivot left/right in 2018.

Replacement parts:
Item #2201 6″(15cm) Double-edged Razor Blades are available in quantities of (10)
Item #2202 6″(15cm) Nylon Holster


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