2021 SPECIAL EDITION Squeegee, VIPER 45 design

Available in sizes:

Available in size 18″ only.


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The SÖRBO LIMITED EDITION squeegee channels, in their unique color and design, are available for purchase through our authorized distributors for a limited time only. 2021 color – TEAL with Black Splash. This amazingly stylish squeegee might be a keep-sake or show-piece, but for sure, a great reward for yourself or your crew workers. Available in size 18″ only.

Only a limited amount sold

The design is Sorbo’s New VIPER 45 3X4 Adjustable wide-body squeegee with 45 degree angled ends which prevent the tip of the alloy from coming into contact with the window frame. It cleans closer to the frame leaving less water and reaches into the corners. The FIRM45 squeegee rubber is secured with two exterior end clips which are also angled to its 45° cut ends.


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