Our founder, Sörbo Samuelsson, operated his own successful window cleaning business in Palm Desert, CA USA for many years. In that time he invented many time-saving and money-saving tools and techniques. He was driven by his desire to deliver the best service while staying competitive and profitable. Being fast
and thorough at the same time is rare, but with his inventions he could be both. Clients were willing to pay a little extra for service that was above the rest. Thus he was able to indulge his passion for excellence without going broke. In the early 1980’s he realized the tools he came to depend upon in his own business could, and should, benefit other window cleaners. Sorbo Products Inc, was born.

Over the years Sörbo Products Inc. has made more money than the window cleaning business ever could. But Sörbo’s passion for excellence has never waivered. It’s never been about ever higher revenues. To this day, he hand-picks dealers and distributors who are worthy enough to carry the Sörbo Products brand. It’s earned us some vocal critics, but we’d rather disappoint a few people than compromise our principles.

Nothing defines us more than the game-changing line of 3X4 adjustable squeegees. Its singular design paved the way for unprecedented and unparalleled window cleaning tools. Extruded out of aluminum, it’s more rigid than the traditional stamped brass channel. This exceptional rigidity allows us to build channels up to an astounding 78 inches long! Its distinctive cross-sectional profile is the foundation of many of our products. It’s the spark of genius that changed the window-cleaning industry.