Sörbo Tool Kits and Intructional Videos
     The items in these kits were hand-picked by Sörbo. They contain        all the basic items
 to get you started on your way to efficiency, higher earnings and a healthier back. 

Quadropod Bucket Stand Kit
 Leif Cart Kit


 Quadropod Tips & Tricks
See the Leifcart in action Here


Instructional Video

Now on one convenient DVD



Instructional DVD

Covers everything from window cleaning basics to more advanced techniques like the Z-Method and the Upside-Down L Method. These techniques were developed specifically to make you even more productive with your Sorbo window cleaning tools.Order the DVD and add it to your arsenal of weapons against inefficiency.



You may also view our instructional videos on youtube

List of tools with the Quadropod Tool Kit Tools included in the Leiftcart Tool Kit