Sorbo Tool Belt


Tool Belt

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The Sörbo belt gives you more for your money It's the most rigid nylon belt on the market, and we added an extra safety lock. Aside from a towel loop, it has two extra loops to accommodate a 5" detailing squeegee

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Double Holster


The Sörbo Holster is the ultimate in high performance. Its two holsters can hold squeegees either vertically (channel in) or horizontally (handle in). Squeegees can be drawn at lightning speed in either position The soft material does not damage the squeegee blades when holstered in the vertical position

Steel Wool pouch


Having been a professional window cleaner, Sörbo knows the importance of having a small razor scraper and a piece of steel wool to remove fingerprints and small patches of stubborn dirt. The Sörbo Accessory Pouch comes in handy to hold these. It keeps the steel wool dry and protects your clothes from rust stains.

Belt w/ Three Loops
Nylon Holster for Two Squeegees
Single Pouch for Steel Wool, etc.