The Sörbo Eliminator®

Eliminate a big chunk of your workload without compromising the quality of your work.You’ll never do those big storefronts any faster than with the Eliminator. The Sörbo 3×4 Adjustable Eliminator with 40 degree safety end plugs is the most efficient squeegee in the Sörbo arsenal. Sizes range from 48″(120cm) to 78″(195cm). With this squeegee you can do as much work as 5 window cleaners* using an 18″(45cm) with every stroke. Excellent for pole work, this is the money machine when cleaning large storefronts.

The Art of Using the Sörbo Scraper

Sörbo proves that there’s an artful way of doing anything in this short how-to about the proper use of a scraper. You’ll see that scraping is not just about brute force. There’s proper form and finesse.

A Little Less Conversation

A lot of people out there have heard the claims. But maybe not as many have actually seen our squeegees in action. In this video you can see how much faster you can be with one of our long squeegees compared to using squeegees of traditional lengths. We’ve given it just a touch of irreverence for a little bit of fun.

How Fast Can Clean Windows?

We’ve talked about how fast you can go using our long squeegees… blah blah blah… blah blah blah. Frankly we’re tired of listening to it ourselves. Here’s a video that will show you how fast you can really go even just with our moderately long 36 incher. We left out the sound so you can concentrate on the action. But don’t blink, because it’s over so quickly you might miss it. Play it again if you have to.

Sörbo’s Stupendous Scraper

There is no question that Sörbo is a maverick in the window cleaning world. He does things just a little differently. But when it comes to actually cleaning windows, he’s figured out it’s all about conforming. Our squeegees are optimized to conform well to the varied surface features of windows. That is what makes them so good. Nothing escapes them. Now Sörbo explains how he designed our scraper to be extraordinarily conforming, and extraordinarily effective at scraping paint and stuck-on dirt off the glass surface. This scraper is so good you could squeegee with it.

Sörbo Jam-Proof End TIp

Sörbo brings you salvation from the terrible curse of stuck end tips. From this day forth you’ll never have to struggle trying to take your squeegee off an extension pole… unless that’s your thing. We all know how annoying it is, and how long we’ve put up with it. 2010 is the end of that terrible era. The end is here and it couldn’t have come too soon.

Sörbo Fast Release Handle

Sörbo explores the Sörbo Fast Release Handle. The fastest, safest squeegee handle devised by man. OK… ok… so he’s not just an ordinary man he’s the Wizard of Windows (we’re kidding!). Anyway, if you’re not a Sörbo Products aficionado YET, you might learn a thing or two about what makes the Sörbo Fast Release handle special.

Sörbo Cleaning Compounds

As they say in Hollywood… you gotta have the right chemistry… and we certainly do. Sörbo cleaning compounds give you more control. You can adjust your cleaning solution to compensate for the temperature and humidity. You don’t have to be stuck with somebody else’s idea of what a perfect cleaning solution should be. Over thirty years of experience doing windows in the desert region of Southern California gives Sörbo some valuable insight into what it takes to work in extreme environments.

Sörbo Tool Belt

Batman’s utility belt is very cool, but it’s no good for window cleaning. The Sörbo Tool Belt puts the tools you need most within easy reach. Quality, Speed and Ergonomics is what we’re all about. You get better quality with Sörbo tools, that’s a given. But you can’t get speed if you’re wasting time fetching your tools. Stooping and bending to get your tools isn’t good ergonomics. The nice thing is, if you have all three, you also have that all important fourth leg of a good business…better earnings. Which is why you need the Sörbo tool belt! You can even strut around like Batman while wearing it if you prefer. Just don’t jump from a high rise. You’ll need the Bat-Grappling hook for that 😉

French Windows in Half the Time

French windows have always been a challenge to window cleaners. With the MultiSqueegee from Sörbo Products Inc. suddenly it’s only half as challenging. See how you can do French windows profitably and raise the quality of your work at the same time.

The Sörbo Leifcart SUBs

One arm getting longer than the other from lugging your cleaning bucket around? Sick of getting your pant leg wet? Get your bucket a pimped-out ride, and save yourself from all that misery. Our Leifcart Sport Utility Bucket stand goes over curbs, lawns and rough terrain without spilling. It has a graceful and comfortable handle so you can push it along FAST with little effort. Perfect for those commercial jobs outdoors.

Sörbo Channel End Clip

If you’ve ever been mystified by how the channel end clip is removed or inserted, this video is for you. Part of the secret is to relax and not worry too much about it. The end clip is a tough little bugger, and the rubber is too. So take it easy… feel free to push, pull and bend this way or that to make it all come together… and don’t forget, a little lubrication never hurts. But please, only use water.

The Twirl Technique by Sörbo

You’ve heard of the jitterbug and the macarena. You’ve seen The Circler. Continuing our fun series, watch The Twirl. Once again our disclaimer. For some real serious speeds, use longer 3X4 adjustable squeegee channels. For French windows, use the MultiSqueegee®.

The Twin Fanning Technique

Here’s Sörbo with both barrels blazing. Lots of movement, plenty of action, but this is just part of our fun series. If you really want to get done fast, try our longer squeegee channels or The Eliminator.

The Circler

All work and no fun is not good for anyone. Here’s a technique developed to take care of that prerequisite. But don’t let that fool you. It’s a perfectly viable technique of doing windows, and you can express your artistic side at the same time. Great for killing time on a Friday afternoon.

French Windows in Half the Time

French windows have always been a challenge to window cleaners. With the MultiSqueegee from Sörbo Products Inc. suddenly it’s only half as challenging. See how you can do French windows profitably and raise the quality of your work at the same time.

The Sörbo Docket Rubber Sharpener

Shows the proper use of the unique window cleaning tool called The Docket. A handy tool to get a nice sharp edge anytime. Gives you an edge over the competition and saves you money on rubber too. Conserving resources, reducing your “carbon footprint” and generally being green has become fashionable of late, but it’s always been a no-brainer for Sörbo. Anytime you can save time and material and improve the quality of your work at the same time, you’re ahead.

Sörbo Leifcart Self-Leveling Wheeled Bucket

Here’s a wheeled bucket that can handle rough terrain. Roll over grass , gravel and bumpy surfaces easily. You can zip along and stop quickly without spilling a drop with its self-leveling feature. It has a long graceful handle so you can be relaxed as you move from window to window. Doesn’t take up much room when stowed away either.

Commercial Window Cleaning: The Basics

Here’s a look at basic techniques in commercial storefront window cleaning. But we threw in a little bit of cinematics to make it just a bit more interesting. Watch out for that cowboy on a steel horse. But instead of a six-shooter, or a six-string, he has a six-foot Eliminator slung over his shoulder. Enjoy!

Using the Washer/Scrubber

While this might seem like the no-brainer aspect of window cleaning, it’s actually a key part of the process. The proper use of the washer/ scrubber wand can make a big difference in the neatness of your work. Proper wetting and washer orientation can make squeegeeing much easier. Watch the master at work and avoid the most common window washing mistakes. As susal there is an emphasis on ergonomics and efficiency.

This is the Way We Brush Our Windows

Before you can do a fabulous window cleaning job, you gotta get rid of the cobwebs and debris around the window frame. To have an edge over the competition you need to pay attention to details. 100 percent is only good enough. To really impress, go 150 percent! Yeah we know, you can never exceed 100% 😉 But you can certainly exceed your competition with Sörbo techniques and equipment.

Window Cleaning: The Z Method

We’re all about efficiency and ergonomics and the Z Method is just another step in that pursuit. Developed specifically to take advantage of our unique channels, this technique will let you accomplish more with less effort. Sounds counter-intuitive we know, so don’t take our word for it. Watch and learn from Master Sörbo himself.

Window Cleaning: Flipping Without Flopping

You’ll flip when you see this technique. Proof positive that we bend over backwards for the professional window cleaner. Watch and learn this technique and save your wrist from over-rotation. Don’t try this with any other brand. This technique only works with Sörbo Products squeegees. With the recent election, everyone’s tired of all the flip-flopping. Well, here’s a chance for you to flip without flopping.

The Z Method: From The Inside

Here’s an alternative (and perhaps more interesting) view of the Z Method how-to. Notice how the picture becomes clearer and clearer as the video progresses.

Window Cleaning the Old Fashioned Way

Sure it’s graceful and almost artsy, but if you were trying to accomplish the most in a given amount of time, we wouldn’t recommend this technique. Watch the clip just the same. A classic one for old time’s sake.