Item 2104 - Window Cleaning Powder

A fast acting cleaner that doesn't leave a residue. Gets windows really clean, and keeps them clean longer.

Item 2105 - Sorbo Glide™

Sörbo Glide makes water lay down in sheets and reduces friction. It also slows down evaporation, which is ideal in warm, dry climates. Mix with item #2104, also.

Item 5000 - Water Stain Remover

Developed to remove built up water stains on glass surfaces, including car windshields. Removes fresh silicone glue too. Safe for cleaning anodized frames, also.


Item 2099 - Detailing Rags

100% Cotton. Measuring 23 in. x 16.5 in. Only available in blue. For maximum absorbency and best results, wash before using.