#3001or 3009 - YELLOW JACKET Sleeve w/ Brass Snap (#3001) or Black Velcro(#3009) closure



The Yellow Jacket washer with Velcro or snap button closure along their entire lengths are convenient for offset handles. The opening can be anywhere desired. The full length closure provided by the velcro prevents the sleeve from filling up with water and dripping water on the floor. Washer ends typically wear out the quickest so we've reinforced each end on sizes 18"(45cm) to 36"(90cm) that will flip back and forth and minimize wear against frames.



#1893 - SCRUBBER YELLOW JACKET Sleeve w/ Brass Snaps-

This scrubber sleeve that will remove bug marks and stubborn marks with a lot less effort. The new design provides a greater scrubbing effect per square inch. With two rows of very flexible abrasive material this washer will reduce labor and give you the ergonomic advantage you are accustomed to from Sörbo squeegees. Available in following sizes: 6"(15cm), 10"(25cm), 14"(35cm), 18"(45cm), 22"(55cm), 24"(60cm), 30"(75cm), and 36"(90cm)


New washer sleeves of any brand have loose fibers that can cause streaks. Wash all new washer sleeves in a washing machine before use to remove most of the loose fibers. Do not use fabric softener as it makes the washer less absorbent.