The Circler Window Cleaning FOR FUN | Sorbo

A lot of people out there have heard the claims. But maybe not as many have actually seen our squeegees in action. In this video you can see how much faster you can be with one of our long squeegees compared to using squeegees of traditional lengths. We’ve given it just a touch of irreverence for a little bit of fun.

Leifcart Bucket Stand by Sorbo- WINDOW CLEANING EQUIPMENT

Sörbo brings you salvation from the terrible curse of stuck end tips. From this day forth you’ll never have to struggle trying to take your squeegee off an extension pole… unless that’s your thing. We all know how annoying it is, and how long we’ve put up with it. 2010 is the end of that terrible era. The end is here and it couldn’t have come too soon.

Professional Window Cleaning TECHNIQUES Part 2| Sorbo

French windows have always been a challenge to window cleaners. With the MultiSqueegee from Sörbo Products Inc. suddenly it’s only half as challenging. See how you can do French windows profitably and raise the quality of your work at the same time.